The electricity that powers our lives has become so commonplace that people sometimes forget the importance of using it safely. We are committed to safety at Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative and we pass that to our members as well. The best way to prevent accidents is to review safety steps regularly. 

Learn more about our educational programs available and let us know if you'd like to book a demonstration for your class or group.

At Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative, member safety is important to us. As wonderful as electricity can be, it also can be deadly. Our employees are trained to always consider safety as their primary duty whether they are climbing a pole, fixing a generator or even working behind a desk inside our office. Nothing matters more than safety and that's the same message to our membership. 

The best way to understand the dangers behind electricity is to see it happen right in front of you in a controlled, safe environment. This is why we offer our Arcing Demonstrations and use our Power Tower model to demonstrate these dangerous conditions.

The arcing demonstrations, which consist of two transformers wired into high voltage, teach the dangers of electricity in the utility line work industry, as well as everyday life. Demonstration presenters explain how electricity follows the least path of resistance – which is usually the ground.

Live demonstrations are made of how electricity can arc and affect different materials such as trees, rubber gloves and clothing. The demonstration shows the dangerous and sometimes fatal effects of electricity if misused and reminds students of the need to respect electricity while enjoying all of its benefits.

Power Town is a table top display using small scale models of power lines, houses, trees and equipment to teach kids how to be safe around electricity. The buzz and light of electric shocks in the demonstration gets a lot of attention and gives the experienced Heart of Texas Electric presenters a chance to make lasting impressions about the dangers of electricity.

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