First things first, thank you for choosing to live in one of the most beautiful places in Texas, we are proud to serve you as your electric provider. We started in 1937 as an electric cooperative serving rural Central Texans. Today, we continue serving our rural communities with an average of six meters per mile.

To your right, you'll see some explanations that will help you understand how our non-profit cooperative works and the benefits bestowed upon you as a vital member to one of more than 900 electric cooperatives across the country! We are proud to be deeply embedded in our communities with local offices in McGregor and Rosebud. We offer various programs you'll learn about and want to be a part of as well.

Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative is a non-profit distribution cooperative. We buy electricity from wholesale providers and arrange for its transmission and distribution of power to members through the co-op's power lines.

The cooperative model works to keep electric rates affordable by giving co-op members a voice in their electric service, through their not-for-profit structure, and by returning excess revenue to members. A portion of excess revenues, called margins, are held in reserve and re-invested in the cooperative infrastructure. Another portion is returned to members in the form of capital credits or patronage refunds. This contrasts with investor-owned utilities, which return profits to stockholders who seldom maintain close connections to the communities they serve.

At HOTEC, we have a strong connection to the communities we serve. We offer annual scholarships and government youth tours while giving back to nonprofit organizations in many different ways. Our employees live and work in the communities we serve, but we also have community representatives to serve as your connection to the co-op.

Our Community


Heart of Texas Mission Statement

To provide reliable electric service at the most economical cost, enrich the life of the community, educate members concerning the benefits of membership and encourage members participation in the Cooperative.
Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative

Current outage information for the Heart of Texas service area.

The Outage Center is where you'll get information about outages, power restoration as well as storm preparedness during those months of uncertainty.

Here you will find all you need to know about being a member, including our Bylaws, Membership rules and the benefits to being with a cooperative - plus so much more!

It is our goal to make things as easy for you as possible when it comes to paying your monthly bill with us, whether you are on a pre-pay account, automatic payments or if you make your payment every month. We offer many different options to paying your bill with us.

Are you looking to begin service with us or start new service at a current address? This will help you get started on that project.

There's a lot to know and understand which is why we want to help you get answers to most commonly asked questions!