Heart of Texas Electric Programs

We offer a variety of different programs at Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative that members can be a part of. If you have any questions about these programs, we are more than happy to explain them to you.

Did you know that some of these programs are voluntary? We would be happy to sign you up if you think you might want to participate. Just send us an e-mail to learn more!




Capital Credits are the retained margins left over at the end of the year for Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative and reflect each member’s ownership.

Operation Round Up is a community support program designed to raise funds to support worthy charitable and educational causes within the seven counties served by Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative.

We provide rebates for partial reimbursements towards products and services which promote energy conservation.

Rural Friends/ACRE is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) that helps supporters of electric cooperatives who are seeking a seat on the Texas Legislature or to the U.S. Congress.

We are always looking to stay ahead of the curve with you, the member, always in mind, we know interest in solar is growing and we want to be part of that conversation with you from the very beginning.

Questions? We're more than happy to help.