Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative is governed by a Board of no fewer than seven Directors, each of whom is elected from a different geographical district. Just like you, the Directors are members of the Cooperative. They must have been members for five years to qualify to run for election.

They are elected for a three-year term and may be re-elected. Directors are elected on a rotation basis so that there will always be members on the board who are knowledgeable of the operations and on-going projects.

Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative is a corporation, directors have the same basic duties and responsibilities as a director or officer of any other public or private corporation during their three-year term.  Primary duties will include setting policy, approving budgets, contractual considerations, hiring the general manager, and monitoring the financial and operational needs of the Cooperative.

It takes a lot of effort to prepare, stay involved and do the job well.  Training and educational programs in governance responsibilities, utility operations and management oversight are necessary for a director to function most effectively in his/her responsibilities.

The following list summarizes the qualifications necessary for a person to be eligible to become and/or remain a director for HOTEC.  The complete list of qualifications can be found in the Cooperative's bylaws under Section 4.3.

The qualifications are:

  • The person is a current Heart of Texas Electric Co-op member in good standing.
  • A person is a current member of Heart of Texas Electric Co-op and has been a resident in the district they seek to represent for at least 5 years.
  • A person cannot be employed or have a financial interest in a competing enterprise or business selling electric energy.
  • A person has not been employed on a full-time basis by Heart of Texas Electric Co-op within the previous fifteen years.
  • A person cannot have been convicted within the previous 5 years of a crime that would constitute a felony or plead guilty to a felony.
  • A person cannot hold an elective public office for which a salary is paid.
  • A director must achieve a Credential Cooperative Director certification from NRECA within three years of becoming a director.