Mobile Homes

Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative
  • All Underground (URD) service is member installed;
  • Service wire and metering installations may be purchased from other electrical merchants that meet NEC specifications.
  • Mobile homes must be on a service site and have tongue and axle removed;
  • Must be greater than 800 sq. ft. of living space;
  • A water meter is required.
  • HOTEC will provide up to 300 ft. of overhead primary;
  • Any line extension exceeding 300 ft. will be $9.00/ft. (non-refundable Aid to Construction).
  • Meter loop (available for purchase from HOTEC or other electrical merchant);
  • Underground (URD) service installation.
  • On all mobile homes, meter loops must be placed on the pole;
  • All service must meet National Electric Code; HOTEC reserves the right to disallow any service not conforming to NEC or HOTEC specifications;
  • If member installs underground service it must be buried a minimum of 24”.
  • The cooperative may elect to charge work order expense.



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