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Are you currently a HOTEC member?
If yes, is your service request for the same property?
Property Information
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Rent or Own Property
Property Description
Direction to Nearest Town
Meter Information
Requested Meter Location
Voltage Requirements
Proposed Size of Main Service Entrance Disconnect
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Procedures for Providing Electric Service
A New Construction Application must be completed. The Cooperative cannot proceed with your request for electrical service until you have provided us with the following information.

The property pins must be physically located and marked on the property.
You must provide a copy of your recorded deed and/or contract of sale to verify ownership of property and acquire deed information to prepare any right-of-way easement needed. From this information, our technicians will discuss the route you prefer and then survey a route, stake the pole and guy locations, and determine the necessary engineering details to provide service. It is your responsibility to obtain easements across adjoining property.
The Cooperative shall provide up to two appointments to design the power line for electric service at no charge to the person requesting service. If the member requests a third appointment with a Cooperative representative, a non-refundable contribution of $150 will be assessed to the member. Once a member’s job has been staked and the member requests a re-stake before construction, a non-refundable contribution of $150 will be assessed to the member. If the member’s service is not ready to be hooked up on the day we construct the line, a non-refundable contribution of $150 will be assessed to the member.
For safety purposes, buildings, trees or other obstructions are not permitted in the path of the power line. The Cooperative requires a 20’ wide (10 feet on each side of the power line and 100 feet high) un-obstructed right-of-way that is free and clear of buildings, trees or other obstructions. The consumer is responsible for clearing the right-of-way of all trees, stumps, brush, debris, and/or any obstacles along the route of the proposed extension to a width specified by the Cooperative.
Before engineering details are completed and drafted onto a staking sheet, the member requesting service must supply all easements and permits that may be needed. Power lines shall be constructed only on an unobstructed right-of-way covered by properly executed easements.
When the staking sheets are prepared, easements and permits, if any, are secured, service agreement is signed, and all fees paid, then the job will be released to our construction department to be built at our earliest opportunity. You will need to have your service entrance equipment (commonly referred to as a “meter loop”) installed on the outside of your building if the meter is going on the building or assembled and on site for us to install if it is going on our pole.
In order to avoid unnecessary delays during initial construction and future emergency line repairs, the cooperative shall require that the party receiving service grant permission for the cooperative to install its standard padlock where required to gain access to its lines when such gate or gap is kept locked by the property owner.
Relocation of Lines and Facilities: Relocation of electric power lines and electrical facilities shall be made at the sole option of the cooperative and the party making the request shall, if required by the cooperative, pay the full cost of the relocation, which shall include any loss of materials.
Service Provisions: The consumer shall agree to commence receiving electric service within 30 days after it is made available or shall commence paying to the cooperative the minimum monthly charge as specified in the applicable rate schedule as no meter billing.
Ownership: Heart of Texas EC shall retain ownership of all materials and facilities installed by the cooperative.

All prices quoted for the installation of services, will expire 90 days from the day of your first appointment. After 90 days, you will be required to schedule a second appointment.
Please allow 24 hours to process your paperwork before coming in or contacting our office
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