*911 Address is Required Before Starting New Construction Process*

  1. Submit membership application

  2. Submit new construction application

  3. Construction specs

  4. Provide document, page or volume number to land deed

  5. Schedule appointment with our staking team

    • Email info/ contact info
    • Route of line is established, right of way easement is signed, and cost of construction is relayed
  6. Submit all paperwork with construction payment

    • Allow approximately 30 working days for completion
  7. Powerline is built!

    • Meter loops available for purchase
    • If Meter loop is purchased though the Co-op, it will be installed along with any/all construction.
    • Service is left hot with main disconnect OFF
  8. Temporary services

    • Contractor/builder is responsible for providing temporary service pole
    • Service will be left hot with main disconnect OFF

Required Construction Process Check List

with Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative

After you have completed the 911 Addressing requirement, please complete a membership application to the Heart of Texas Electric Cooperative.

Membership Application

Next, please complete a New Construction Application online and send it back to us.

New Construction Application

The following bulleted items are construction specifications for a variety of structure types:

The following links are to our Heart of Texas Electric Spec Sheets: